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The Role of the Chiropractic Adjustment in the Care and Treatment of 332 Children with Otitis Media

One of the most common complaints we hear in the office from moms concerning their children is ear infections and rightfully so. Suspected ear infections or otitis media accounts for over 35% of all pediatrician visits in the United States – that’s approximately 30 million doctor visits a year.

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A study published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics found a strong correlation between specific chiropractic adjustments and the resolution of ear infections in 332 children with chronic ear infections. Additionally, the study noted that close to 80% of those children did not experience another ear infection within a six month period following their initial adjustments.

How does this work?

From birth, our children are in a constant state of falling, tumbling or simply growing causing stress on their developing spines and nervous systems. This stress causes subluxations, meaning a misalignment to their vertebrae causing interference and additional stress to their ever important nervous system. Subluxations cause havic on our ability to express health. In regards to ear infections, these misalignments can also affect the positioning and function of the eustachian tube, leading to buildup in the middle ear and therefore ear infections.

As a pediatric and family focused chiropractor it is my job and calling to assess and locate those subluxations affecting our nervous systems and remove them through specific chiropractic care in order for your families and children to live healthy lives without the need for drugs or surgery.

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Fallon, JM.   Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics Vol 2, No. 2 1997 p.167-183.


According to the American College of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia is associated with widespread aching, stiffness, fatigue, and specific tender points that originate in the muscles and soft tissues. Fibromyalgia is closely related to chronic fatigue syndrome with other common conditions such as sleep disturbance, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, and numbness and tingling of the extremities. The medical community states that the cause of fibromyalgia is unkown, although more researchers are looking into a central nervous system dysfunction and cervical spine injuries as being related. There are no blood tests or other diagnostics to objectively assess the condition. The main form of diagnosis currently is based of the patient’s description of widespread chronic pain and finding 11 or more of the 18 tenders points associated with fibromyalgia. The current medical treatment for this disease includes sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, hypnotic agents, antidepressants, corticosteroid injections, psychological evaluations, and the recommendation of physical therapy and exercise.


More recently, many diagnosed with fibromyalgia have found relief by seeing their chiropractor. The chiropractic approach is less intrusive since our focus is to reduce the brainstem’s neurological interference to allow the patient’s body to express a fuller expression of health. There is more and more research and case studies showing the positive affects of a properly functioning nervous system and a reduction of symptoms related to fibromyalgia.


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