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On September 18th, 1895 Daniel David Palmer provided the first specific chiropractic adjustment to the then partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Harvey Lillard then mentioned days later that he had noticed that his hearing had improved. Just like Harvey’s life changing event that September day, many lives have changed in the 120 years since. Even my life has been dramatically changed by chiropractic and it’s principles.

Here’s my story

I was first introduced to chiropractic as a college athlete after years of struggling with injuries. After trying multiple different treatments and seeing a mutlitude of healthcare providers I was finally introduced to Dr. Barry Gjerdrum. I quickly noticed its impact on my ability to train and perform. Soon after that, I also noticed I was sleeping better and was even able to stop taking my daily allergy medication. To this day I know that in order to function at my very best my nervous system must be as well. After a few conversations with Dr. Gjerdrum I realized I was called to be a chiropractor. Seven years after my first chiropractic adjustment I graduated from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic and I have seen hundreds of lives change in our own office since then. Everyday I get to come to “work” and help others see the power in their own body and lead them to a healthy fulfilling life. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else…

If you or somebody you know is struggling with health issues or simply looking to be as healthy as possible, call our office at 425-968-2262. Whether it is here in our office or anywhere else in the world, we will find the right chiropractor for you.

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Auto Accident Chiropractor

auto accident chiropractor
We specialize in auto accident chiropractic care! Roughly 17,000 auto accidents are reported to the police every day. A very common condition that occurs from these auto accidents are called whiplash back pain. Any time there is a sudden movement of the head, backward, forward, or sideways whiplash can occur. In the Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue area this is common after an individual is rear-ended. Our auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Carl Moe is well experienced in this area.

“Lateral Whiplash” can also occur when an individual is hit from the side, whipping the head from side to side instead of front to back. This type of impact can actually do more harm to the underlying tissue and spinal alignment compared to the front to back whiplash. However, any form of whiplash can injure the ligaments in the neck and muscles can become strained or sprained and your vertebrae can become misaligned.

The most common symptoms of whiplash include:
• Neck, back, shoulder, arm and/or leg pain
• Dizziness, vertigo, and or tinnitus
• Headaches/migraines
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Personality or cognitive changes
• Sleep disorders/Insomnia
• Torticollis/neck spasms
• TMJ dysfunction
• Trigeminal neuralgia

In some untreated whiplash back pain injuries, even more severe neurological problems can arise such as multiple sclerosis, tremors, seizures, fibromyalgia, etc.

Following a whiplash back pain injury, symptoms may be noticed immediately or could potentially take months or years to fully develop. For this reason, upper cervical chiropractors aim to reduce and correct the trauma induced neck injury; thereby reducing the irritation to the surrounding nerves, brainstem, and spinal cord which trigger pain and other common symptoms.

At Tree of Life Chiropractic in Redmond, WA (minutes from Kirkland, Bellevue, and Woodinville) auto accident chiropractor Dr. Moe provides a thorough examination utilizing specific xray analysis and digital infrared thermography to properly assess if an upper cervical injury exists and if specific chiropractic care is necessary.

If you or someone you know are in a car accident, don’t delay getting the proper auto accident chiropractor care. Many times, people do not seek treatment after a car accident because they do not “feel” like they were injured. The reason this is not good to assume is because often more serious complications may develop over time.

In Washington State, unless you provide a written rejection, your auto insurance will provide PIP coverage. PIP in Washington State covers up to $10,000 of medical costs for up to three years after an auto accident regardless of who is at fault.
If you live in Redmond, WA, Kirkland, WA, Bellevue, WA, or the surrounding Eastside area, find out if specific upper cervical chiropractic care may be able to help you after your auto accident.

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