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Dr. Moe and Dr. Chelsea on an Upper Cervical Mission Trip to Guatemala

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide Specific Chiropractic care in an environment of love, compassion and clinical expertise. We aim to restore health and help our community members reach their God given potential by helping them raise healthy families free of subluxation.

People of all ages are discovering the advantages of chiropractic care. From the very young to the very young at heart, chiropractic care helps your body to express its optimum potential through a functioning nervous system. Whether your passion is for sports, family or your profession, having your spine checked and adjusted regularly by your chiropractor will give you safe and natural advantages toward being your best. The sooner a subluxation is detected, the more readily its effects can be minimized, so that the proper development, recovery and adaptation to the body can proceed.

Upper Cervical Care Upper Cervical is a branch of chiropractic techniques that corrects the position of the top two bones in the spine called the Atlas and Axis. By correcting the tilt, shift or rotation of these vertebrae, the body is able to overcome the affects of every day physical, chemical and emotional stress throughout the entre body.

The atlas is a 2-ounce bone at the top of your spine, however, size does not correlate with importance. Trillions of nerve fibers from the brainstem travel through the small opening in the atlas and flow down into the spinal column. This opening in the atlas is so small that if it moves even a fraction of a degree, two very serious things happen, body imbalance and distortion of the brain messages to the rest of the body.

The upper cervical adjustment is done by hand in a very specific vector that is decided for each individual off x-ray analysis. Once the atlas or axis has been re-aligned the brainstem can adequately tell the rest of the body what to do. This is when healing begins and true health can occur.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential part of your pre-natal care choices. When the mothers nervous system is working optimally and adapting properly, the developing fetus will function better, grow and develop better and be delivered in the easiest and most efficient manner possible.

Infants should be examined by a chiropractor who is experienced in working with babies as soon after birth as possible. Correcting subluxations cased by in-utero constraint and even the birth process itself can give babies the best possible chance of growing and developing optimally. As children grow, they should continue to be checked for subluxations caused by learning to roll over, crawl, sit and walk. Physical, Chemical and emotional stresses can accumulate and result in more serious conditions in adulthood if un-detected.

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