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Dr. Scott is proud to be a part of the Thriving Redmond Community! Restore, Renew, Revitalize!!!

The body has tremendous healing capacity when it is functioning properly. Chiropractic is not a cure or a treatment for any particular disease or condition. Our Redmond Chiropractic clinic does remove the interference in the body’s nervous system, which allows the body to function optimally, heal efficiently and allows you to live up to your God given potential! This is why people often notice many improvements in their overall health, even when they seek care for a particular health concern.

Our mission is to provide Redmond and the surrounding areas Specific Chiropractic care in an environment of love, compassion and clinical expertise. We aim to restore health and hope to our community members, to help them reach their God given potential by helping them raise healthy families free of the devastating life effects of vertebral subluxation.

Conditions We Help Can With at Tree of Life Chiropractic:

Arm Pain/Numbness
Attention Deficit Disorder
Auto Accident Chiropractor
Back Pain
Blood Pressure Problems
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Common Cold
Digestive disorders
Frequent Ear Infections

Disc Problems
Fatigue/Lack of Energy
Female Disorders
Foot Pain
Frequent Colds
Frequent Ear Infections
Hand & Wrist Pain
Chiropractor Headaches
Hip Pain
Improper Birthing Position

Joint Pains
Leg Pain/Numbness
Lifting Injuries
Lowered Resistance
Migraine Headaches
Neck Pain/Stiffness
Pinched Nerve
Poor Circulation
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Shoulder Pain
Spinal Curvatures
Spinal Injuries
Stomach Ulcers
Tension Headaches
Tingling and Numbness
Turned-in Feet
Whiplash Back Pain
Work Injuries

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Are you looking for a Redmond chiropractor? We have positive reviews on Google Plus and Yelp. We are servicing anyone looking for a chiropractor in Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, or the eastside in general. Call the office today for a FREE CONSULTATION 425-968-2262.

Our purpose is to restore health and help members of our community reach their full potential without pain! If you are interested in learning more about our Redmond chiropractic clinic, we hope you will visit us soon. During this visit, you can schedule a free consultation with our Redmond chiropractors. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be on your way to a more healthier life!

Why Choose Us?

  1. Five Star Google Plus and Yelp Reviews
  2. Long Term Chiropractic Results
  3. Family Focused Chiropractors
  4. Affordable Chiropractic Care
  5. Referral Based Business
  6. Posture Correction Expert

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Well explained technique with my best interest in mind

I am a professional marathoner, competing in three Olympic Trials and World Championships, I have seen many chiropractors through the years. I am very careful with who I see to treat my body. Knowing that there are many bad chiropractors out there. I can say without a doubt Carl has good, sound, well explained technique, with my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend anyone with a sports injury looking for a Redmond Chiropractor to go see Dr.Carl Moe. Not only will you come out an expert about your body but also a more functional, healed person!

One of the things that sets Dr. Carl and Dr. Chelsea apart from other Redmond chiropractors is their eagerness to explain the spine and their technique to their patients.

Dr. Carl and Dr. Chelsea are very talented, effective, and friendly Redmond chiropractors. I have been very impressed with their approach and professionalism. I came to them almost a year ago very skeptical about chiropractic care because of some bad experiences in the past, and I was in a great deal of neck/shoulder pain and was experiencing headaches almost daily. I needed to take pain relievers frequently throughout the day just to function. After going to Tree of Life Chiropractic, I have no headaches (they went away after just a month or so) and no longer need to take any medication at all because I'm not in pain-- it's been a HUGE change! I have also stopped taking all of my allergy medications for seasonal allergies. One of the things that sets Dr. Carl and Dr. Chelsea apart from other Redmond chiropractors is their eagerness to explain the spine and their technique to their patients. Whenever I have a question or concern, they take the time to explain things to me in laymen's terms and make sure that I really understand what is happening before they continue. I am also about 5 months pregnant, and Dr. Chelsea took the time to explain how my care with them would help my pregnancy proceed and keep me in good health, and gave me resources to help understand what to expect. Their care has helped with many of my pregnancy symptoms (headaches, aches and pains, etc.). I also plan to have them adjust my baby when it arrives to make sure it's healthy. 🙂 I would highly recommend Tree of Life Chiropractic to anyone!

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